Bangladesh League Has Advanced More Than PSL, Says Rashid Latif

Bangladesh League

Former Pakistan cricketer Rashid Latif has praised India for its impressive progress in developing cricketing infrastructure and has also compared the success of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) with that of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL).

Latif highlighted the clear difference between the two countries, underscoring that India has effectively turned cricket into a profitable industry, whereas Pakistan still predominantly sees the sport as a recreational pursuit.

“India, akin to their film industry, has cultivated a cricketing industry,” Latif observed. “We regard cricket as a pastime, which is why we haven’t managed to commercialize it. The Pakistan Super League (PSL) remains stagnant, with the highest salary cap set at $140,000. Why can’t we elevate it? Why can’t we entice players like Mitchell Starc or Pat Cummins? It’s due to our limited financial resources; there’s no established business model in place.”

Latif’s comments highlight a crucial challenge confronting Pakistan cricket. Despite the establishment of the PSL and its popularity, the league has not experienced the financial  expansion needed to rival other top-tier cricketing nations.

India, meanwhile, has seen its cricketing infrastructure flourish, fueled by significant investments and a stronge business strategy.

This transformation has not only improved the quality of cricket in India but has also established the Indian Premier League (IPL) as one of the most lucrative and prestigious cricket leagues globally.

Latif stated that the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) has progressed further than the Pakistan Super League (PSL). He highlighted that the BPL attracts more international players, such as Moeen Ali and David Miller, because it offers superior financial rewards, exposing Pakistan’s shortcomings in this area.

Latif’s remarks prompt Pakistan cricket to reconsider its approach and aim to develop a sustainable and profitable cricketing ecosystem.