CCP and PICG to Collaborate on Including Competition Law in Training Programs


The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) and the Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance (PICG) have agreed to expand their collaboration by incorporating competition law modules into various PICG training programs, beyond the existing Directors Training Program (DTP).

During a meeting held between senior officials of CCP and PICG in Karachi, the importance of competition law in providing an enabling environment and a level playing field for all economic stakeholders was emphasized. The meeting highlighted the necessity for decision-makers, board members, entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and officials of state-owned enterprises to have a thorough understanding of competition law.

PICG officials announced the upcoming launch of an ESG Executive Track Programme, which will include both mandatory and optional modules. This globally recognized program aims to enhance the knowledge and capacities of mid-career professionals.

The existing collaboration between CCP and PICG will be further expanded, with CCP assisting PICG in developing new modules and providing resource persons for training. These modules will cover topics such as deterring deceptive marketing, the process of reviewing mergers and acquisitions, criteria for granting exemptions, and agreements prohibited under competition law.

Both CCP and PICG officials acknowledged that awareness of competition law has significantly increased through its inclusion in DTPs, and they expect this to be further amplified through the ESG program. Additionally, case study-based modules will be incorporated into future DTPs and other PICG trainings on competition law.

The CCP reaffirmed its commitment to fostering competition in all economic activities and emphasized the importance of working closely with stakeholders like PICG to raise awareness of competition law, ultimately benefiting businesses and the economy as a whole.

The meeting was attended by Salman Amin, Member of CCP, Ahmed Qadir, DG, and Raja Taimur, Deputy Director. PICG was represented by its President, Mehmosh Khawaja, Company Secretary, Shafaq Fauzil Azim, and Manager of Marketing and Director Relations, Haani Jamal Khan.