ECNEC has approved the ML-1 upgrade.


The ECNEC convened with Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar presiding in Islamabad.

The ECNEC also reviewed and endorsed a project named “Flood Response Emergency Housing Project (Phase-I),” slated for financing via an Asian Development Bank loan. This initiative seeks to aid flood-affected individuals in Sindh by facilitating the community-driven reconstruction of over 250,000 flood-resistant homes

 The ECNEC also reviewed and sanctioned four water sector projects, including Punjab Government’s “Construction of Dadhocha Dam (revised),” aimed at addressing water shortages in Rawalpindi with a supply of 35 million gallons per day (MGDs). Other approved projects in the water sector comprised the Gomal Zam Multipurpose project, the Raising of Mangla Dam project, and the Golen Gol Hydropower project, all progressing towards implementation.

The forum also sanctioned the “Development of Integrated Transit Trade Management System” project, which includes constructing and enhancing state-of-the-art Border Crossing Points at Torkham, Chaman, and Wahga, establishing a Land Port Authority, and implementing digital end-to-end tracking of containerized cargo, among other initiatives.

ECNEC also endorsed the “Karachi Neighborhood Improvement Project (KNIP)” and extended its implementation period until December 31, 2024, by six months. The project aims to improve the accessibility, functionality, and appeal of public areas such as roads, streets, parks, open spaces, and public buildings in chosen Karachi neighborhoods.

ECNEC also sanctioned the construction of a border terminal at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border at Badini and the upgrading of a 40-kilometer road from Murgha Faqirzai to Khan Dagar Main Badini Road in Saifullah district.