Education Ministry Urges Power Division to Ensure Uninterrupted Electricity in Schools

Education Ministry

The Ministry of Education and Professional Training has requested the Ministry of Energy (Power Division) to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply to government schools in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) to protect students, especially those up to Grade 5, from the extreme heat wave.

In a letter addressed to the Power Division, the Ministry of Federal Education highlighted the critical issue of power outages during school hours in ICT.

The letter stated, “Thousands of students currently studying in over 400 schools and colleges under the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) are suffering severely due to the extremely hot summer with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius.”

It further elaborated, “The unprecedented power outages during school hours exacerbate the suffering of students in schools and colleges. Numerous cases of students experiencing unconsciousness and dehydration due to the hot weather and lack of electricity have been reported.”

The letter emphasized the vulnerability of younger students, saying, “Students from Early Childhood Education (ECE) to Grade 5 are particularly susceptible to the current heat wave due to their young age.”

The Ministry called for urgent action, stating, “Your intervention is needed to alleviate the suffering of students in schools and colleges by ensuring an uninterrupted power supply during school hours in ICT and throughout the country.”

The letter concluded with a request, “We kindly ask that necessary directions be issued to ensure uninterrupted power supply to ICT schools and colleges during school hours until the announcement of the summer vacation.”