Enormous blaze consumes over 300 stalls at Islamabad’s Sunday market

Sunday market

A large blaze broke out at Islamabad’s Sunday Bazaar on Wednesday, consuming more than 300 stalls, according to Dawn News. Police are currently investigating the cause of the fire.

The incident took place at the capital’s I-9 open-air market, where vendors erect stalls weekly to sell a diverse range of goods. A Dawn News correspondent, reporting live from the scene, mentioned that multiple fire trucks were on site to extinguish the flames.

“The fire extinguishing process is currently in progress, with assistance being sought from Rawalpindi rescue teams and the firefighting team of the Pakistan Navy due to a shortage of fire brigades in Islamabad,” the correspondent stated.

He added that as of now, there have been no reported casualties. However, merchandise worth millions of rupees stored in the stalls was completely destroyed, leading vendors to express their grievances to the market’s administration.

Meanwhile, the Islamabad Police stated that the entire vicinity surrounding the market has been cordoned off, and evidence is being gathered from the scene to determine the cause of the fire.

“The capital police wrote on the X platform that a comprehensive investigation into the fire will be conducted, and all necessary arrangements have been made to ensure traffic flow around the area.”

“It added a request for citizens not to form unnecessary gatherings and to cooperate with the police.”

In the previous month, a fire erupted in Peshawar’s Nauthia Phattak area, resulting in the destruction of at least 80 shops primarily selling second-hand goods and causing injuries to three individuals.

Rescue 1122 officials reported that the fire originated in a small temporary structure near the railway line, spreading to adjacent shops and consuming wooden cabins and a power transformer.