Government to Block Bank Accounts of Non-Filers Under Amended Finance Bill 2024

Block Bank Accounts of Non-Filer

The government is likely to block bank accounts of non-filers and has also decided to fix the amount of sales tax on the import of mobile phones, replacing the current 18 percent sales tax under the amended Finance Bill 2024.

According to sources from ProPakistani, the proposal to freeze bank accounts of non-filers was initially included in the original Finance Bill 2024, but it was not passed at that time.

In cases where non-filers do not respond to notices, the government may consider blocking their bank accounts until they appear on the Active Taxpayers List (ATL). While non-filers will still be able to deposit money in banks, they will be unable to withdraw funds until they become filers and their names appear on the ATL.

If this proposal is included in the amended Finance Bill 2024, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) will issue an income tax general order (ITGO) listing the names of non-filers to block their bank accounts.

Additionally, the amended Finance Bill 2024 will replace the 18 percent sales tax on the import of mobile phones with a fixed amount of sales tax, which will vary depending on the brands of the imported mobile phones.