Health Ministry approves Rs. 4 billion upgrade for Polyclinic Hospital in Islamabad.

Health Ministry

The Ministry of Health has endorsed a Rs. 4 billion PC-1 project for upgrading Polyclinic Hospital.

Dr. Malik Mukhtar Ahmed, Prime Minister’s Coordinator on National Health Services, announced this significant progress, underscoring the government’s dedication to offering advanced medical services to the public.

 As part of this effort, a cutting-edge cath lab will be installed at Polyclinic Hospital. This facility will conduct specialized procedures such as ablation, angiogram, and angioplasty, markedly enhancing cardiac patient care. The new cath lab will also offer stenting services, providing comprehensive cardiac treatment in a single location. Dr. Ahmed emphasized that upgrading outdated biomedical equipment with state-of-the-art technology will further augment the hospital’s capacity to deliver contemporary and efficient medical therapies.

Furthermore, the primary structure of Polyclinic Hospital, alongside MCH Aabpara, G-7/3, G-7/4 dispensaries, and hostels, will convert to solar energy. This transition to renewable power aims not only to cut energy expenses but also to lessen the financial strain on the government’s budget. This initiative highlights the Ministry’s commitment to sustainable practices and energy efficiency in public healthcare institutions.

 Dr. Ahmed reaffirmed the government’s firm dedication to enhancing the performance and infrastructure of hospitals nationwide. These enhancements at Polyclinic Hospital are integral to a comprehensive strategy aimed at raising the quality of healthcare services, guaranteeing optimal medical care for patients.