Islamabad Driving License Office Announces Entry Restrictions for Middlemen Syndicate

Driving License

The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has banned touts from entering its driving license office premises. This action aims to improve fairness and transparency in the licensing process.

According to a statement from the ITP, the traffic chief has rigorously prohibited all questionable individuals from entering the office due to their engagement in illicit activities associated with the driving license process. The tout mafia, notorious for its presence in public service offices in the capital, imposes hefty charges on citizens for tasks such as form filling, appointment scheduling, file preparation, and provision of additional services.

Prohibiting the tout mafia is one of the measures enforced by the current ITP chief, Mohammad Sarfraz Virk, who has introduced several reforms within the past six months.

Updated Headquarters and Mobile Services

ITP has relocated its headquarters from an unauthorized city area to an approved site on Murree Road, Shakarparian. This new location, approved by civic agencies, is easily accessible to residents from both urban and rural areas, as well as private housing societies along the Islamabad Expressway.

The new headquarters includes ample parking, air-conditioned waiting areas, a cafeteria, a mosque, and lawns, alongside offices and public facilitation centers.

Moreover, the chief traffic officer has launched a mobile service to aid citizens at their homes. This service reaches universities, colleges, government and semi-government offices, media organizations, and other institutions.

 An education mobile service has also been launched, providing awareness sessions about traffic rules at different city spots. Additionally, a specialized assistance unit, ‘ITP Mechanic on Wheels,’ has been introduced, enabling anyone in distress to dial the helpline number 1915 for a mechanic anywhere in the federal capital.

It is noteworthy that Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) is currently adjudicating a petition concerning the ITP’s ability to handle traffic violations and other issues. The petitioner informed the IHC in 2020 that the ITP had previously situated its headquarters on the greenbelt along 9th Avenue .