National Assembly Budget Increased by Rs. 4 Billion

Budget Increased by Rs. 4 Billion

The budget for the National Assembly has been increased by Rs. 4 billion for the next fiscal year.

The proposed budget allocation for the National Assembly now stands at Rs. 12.7 billion.

In the current financial year, the budget for the National Assembly was over Rs. 8.3 billion. The new proposal includes Rs. 7.71 billion for employee-related expenses and Rs. 4.14 billion for operating expenses.

Additionally, approximately Rs. 75 billion has been allocated for parliamentarians’ schemes.

Furthermore, the federal government has proposed a 15 percent increase in pensions for government employees.

The government is also considering a substantial salary increase for federal government employees. Salaries for grade 1 to 16 employees are expected to rise by 25 percent, while those for grade 17 to 22 employees will see a 20 percent increase.