PCB has approved a substantial budge increases for centrally contracted of the Pakistan women’s team.


That’s great news! Increasing the salaries of centrally contracted players is a significant step towards recognizing and supporting women’s cricket in Pakistan. Such initiatives not only enhance the financial stability of the players but also encourage more young women to pursue cricket as a career. It reflects a positive commitment from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) towards promoting gender equality and strengthening the infrastructure for women’s sports in the country. This decision is likely to have a ripple effect, boosting morale and performance among the women’s team members, and potentially raising the profile of Pakistani women’s cricket on the global stage.

Furthermore, the PCB has sanctioned a 240% rise in the yearly budget for women’s cricket. These determinations were reached during the 72nd Board of Governors (BoG) meeting at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Gaddafi Stadium, chaired by PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi.

 The board’s decision will increase the annual budget for women’s cricket from Rs70 million to Rs240 million, greatly enhancing resources and support for female athletes in the country.

Central contracts for Pakistan women’s team players will also see a consider increase, highlighting the board’s devotion to develop & assist women’s cricket.

In construction for the ICC champions Trophy 2025, which Pakistan is put to host next year, the BOG accept a financial plan of Rs 12,800 million for the improve of major cricket stadiums in Lahore, Rawalpindi , and Karachi.