Valve Developing Third-Person Overwatch 2 Rival

Overwatch 2 has seen a decline in popularity, leading to several new games vying for its spot. Earlier this year, Marvel Rivals was announced, and now Valve is reportedly developing its own rival, a third-person hero-based shooter called Deadlock.

Multiple reputable sources have confirmed that Valve, the maker of Steam, is working on Deadlock. Screenshots from Deadlock’s closed alpha playtest were shared on X (formerly Twitter), showing promising graphics that are expected to improve in the final release. Tyler McVicker, a reporter from Valve, confirmed that the game has been in development for six years under the codename ‘Citadel.’

Deadlock takes inspiration not only from Overwatch 2 but also from games like Dota and League of Legends. The game features maps divided into four lanes with transit lines for quick traversal. It will be a 6v6 game, combining fantasy elements with steampunk aesthetics.

One of the leaked screenshots showcases an archer character, Grey Talon, who specializes in long-range combat and ambush. Grey Talon is shown with four abilities, though the number of abilities for other characters may vary. Details about the game’s release date remain unclear.

Valve’s new venture into the hero shooter genre aims to offer a fresh take with its unique blend of influences and gameplay mechanics. Fans eagerly await further announcements and the official release of Deadlock.