CDA Discovers Over a Thousand Fake Employees on its Payroll


The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has uncovered the presence of 1,200 ghost employees on its payroll. This revelation is part of a broader effort to streamline operations and ensure financial transparency within the organization.

Member Technology, Nauman Khalid, announced that the CDA had implemented a specialized mechanism to identify and address the issue of ghost employees. Following this detection, the authority took immediate steps to verify the employment status of all its staff.

One key measure included mandating all employees to obtain official employee cards. Additionally, it became compulsory for employees to use an e-login system to generate salary slips, ensuring a verifiable record of active employees. The Human Resources (HR) department was tasked with digitizing all employee data to facilitate this process.

Over three months, the CDA successfully digitized the data of its workforce. However, discrepancies emerged as the data of 1,200 employees could not be found. Out of the total number of employees, only 11,700 successfully logged in to receive their e-salary slips, despite the CDA Finance Department continuing to disburse salaries to more than 13,500 employees each month.

Upon discovering that 1,200 employees were receiving salaries without corresponding data, the CDA issued a deadline for all employees to log their data by March. Employees who failed to comply by the stipulated deadline were subsequently not issued salaries.

To ensure comprehensive data collection and verification, information was gathered from three different sources, and a final data analysis is currently underway. Preliminary findings indicate that the ghost employees were primarily situated within the Environment Wing and Civic Management departments.