Military Police Takes Custody of Army Officer for Killing Two Pro-Palestine Protesters

A driver who fatally struck two people on Jinnah Avenue within the Kohsar police station’s jurisdiction on Monday has been handed over to the Military Police for legal proceedings. The driver, identified as a lieutenant in the Pakistan Army, has been implicated in the incident, as reported by Dawn.

The tragic event also injured four others, including a police inspector, when the vehicle ran over participants of a protest held near the Red Zone in support of Gaza. Consequently, a case was registered at the Kohsar police station under sections 322, 337-G, 427, and 279 of the Pakistan Penal Code against the driver.

Police spokesperson Taqi Jawad stated that the driver, a lieutenant and the son of a brigadier, was handed over to the Military Police for further legal action. Following the incident, the senior army officer, the driver’s father, resigned from his position. The car involved in the accident was registered in the name of the driver’s father. After the arrest, the father attempted to influence the police for his son’s release. However, once the Military Police and other army departments were informed, they took custody of the lieutenant.

Accident on Jinnah Avenue

At the time of the accident, participants of the “Save Gaza” protest were sleeping on a portion of Jinnah Avenue between Express Chowk and the old Parade Ground, with the streetlights turned off. Around 2:45 am, a speeding car ran over five participants and crashed into a police barricade, injuring the on-duty inspector.

The driver fled towards Ayub Chowk via Attaturk Avenue but was intercepted by a patrolling team, alerted by police on special duty for the protest, and subsequently arrested.

The victims included Mohammad Roman Sajid and an unidentified man aged between 40 and 45, who died on the spot. Mohammad Talha Ilyas, Hamad Hassan, Faisal Hayat, and Inspector Ijaz Ahmed were injured.

Two days later, on May 22, the district intelligence committee expressed concerns over the “Save Gaza” protest near D-Chowk despite Section 144, which prohibits gatherings, being in effect. The meeting, attended by police and administration officials, reviewed the overall security situation in the city.