NAB Lahore Cracks Down on Illegal Housing Schemes

Illegal Housing Schemes

Amjad Majeed Aulakh, Director General of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Lahore, has announced a crackdown on illegal housing schemes in Lahore and surrounding areas.

During NAB Lahore’s monthly open court at its Thokar Niaz Baig headquarters, around 400 victims of these real estate schemes participated, where Mr. Aulakh personally listened to their grievances and provided directives.

Affected individuals from various housing schemes, including Khayaban-e-Amin, Pak-Arab, Professional Cooperative Housing Society, Al-Falah, Prime Zone, New Lahore City, Al-Rehman Garden Phase-4, La Villa De Paris, Toyota Motors Gujranwala, Greater Lahore Cooperative Society, and Airport Avenue Housing Society Sialkot, sought resolution of their issues and compensation for their losses.

Mr. Aulakh assured Khayaban-e-Amin’s affected individuals that NAB’s priority was to fulfill its commitment to release their plots and apartments, and if necessary, NAB would oversee the society’s development through the Lahore Development Authority (LDA).

Regarding the Pak-Arab Housing Society, Mr. Aulakh instructed NAB’s investigation team to prompt action by the LDA based on victims’ complaints. He also ordered actions to cancel the bail of accused individuals if they failed to comply with bail conditions, stating that NAB was taking steps to return victims’ money by selling the properties of the accused.

For the Professional Cooperative Housing Society, orders were given to sell the properties of its owners to compensate the victims.

Addressing Prime Zone victims, Mr. Aulakh stated that NAB had frozen 300 kanals of land associated with the administration and highlighted the progress of investigations, with claims from 1,564 victims amounting to Rs. 830 million.

In the Al-Rehman Garden Phase-4 case, the DG ordered immediate summons for the accused, emphasizing NAB’s efforts to facilitate victims with plots.

He instructed New Lahore City affectees to register their complaints with the NAB Complaints Cell promptly. For the Al-Falah Cooperative Housing Society, immediate disciplinary action was ordered by the investigation team.

Regarding La Villa De Paris, Mr. Aulakh mentioned that the project administration was willing to refund the full amount to the victims.

Addressing Toyota Motors Gujranwala victims, the DG mentioned efforts to auction the accused’s properties to compensate the victims, with plans to deliver the remaining assets to the victims after the sale of these properties.

Mr. Aulakh issued an order to forward complaints of Lahore Cooperative Housing, Airport Avenue Housing Society Sialkot, and QLinks Properties affectees to the relevant registrar cooperatives for disciplinary action.