PM Shehbaz Suspends 4 Senior Food Ministry Officials Over Wheat Import Scandal

Wheat Import Scandal

In a decisive move, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has approved the suspension of four senior officials from the Federal Ministry of National Food Security following an inquiry into the controversial import of substandard wheat. The officials identified as responsible for the import scandal, which led to a crash in the domestic wheat market, were found guilty of poor planning and negligence.

The suspended officials include former Federal Secretary of the Food Ministry Muhammad Asif, ex-DG Plant Protection AD Abid, Food Security Commissioner Dr. Wasim, and Director Sohail.

The inquiry committee, which investigated the import of surplus wheat during the caretaker regime led by ex-Prime Minister Anwaarulhaq Kakar, concluded that these officials’ actions resulted in the unnecessary import of substandard wheat, adversely affecting the local market.

Despite the scandal’s repercussions, former Caretaker PM Kakar dismissed the controversy last week, describing it as an exaggerated issue. He questioned the nature of the so-called scandal, noting that wheat prices have been decreasing rather than escalating.