CDA Introduces Smart Car Parking System

Smart Car Parking

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has announced plans to implement a smart car parking system in Islamabad. This decision was made during a meeting chaired by CDA Chairman Muhammad Ali Randhawa on Thursday.

The introduction of smart parking technology aims to resolve existing parking issues and generate revenue for the authority. “It will be an automated car parking system at various locations in Islamabad,” stated Chairman Randhawa. The system is designed to enhance the efficiency and convenience of parking in the city by utilizing advanced technology.

Additionally, the meeting decided to install trackers on all official CDA vehicles. This measure aims to prevent misuse and save fuel, ensuring better monitoring of the authority’s transport system. The tracking system is expected to help control embezzlement related to fuel usage, thereby improving transparency and accountability within the organization.

These initiatives reflect the CDA’s commitment to leveraging technology for improved urban management and operational efficiency. The smart parking system represents a significant step towards modernizing Islamabad’s infrastructure, providing residents and visitors with a more organized and accessible parking experience.