More Flight Delays and Cancellations Hit Karachi Airport

Karachi airports

Passengers at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport faced further disruptions as more flights were delayed or canceled on Monday.

Details reveal that PIA’s flight PK-310 from Karachi to Quetta has been canceled. Additionally, PIA’s Karachi to Islamabad flight PK-368 experienced delays. AirSial’s flight PF-143 from Karachi to Lahore and SereneAir’s flight ER-522 on the same route were also canceled. Other cancellations included Airblue’s Lahore-bound flight PA-402, its Karachi to Islamabad flight PA-208, SereneAir’s Karachi to Islamabad flight ER-502, PIA’s Karachi to Islamabad flight PK-308, and SereneAir’s flight PR-554 to Peshawar.

The disruptions come as runway L-25 at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport was closed on Saturday for a week of cleaning. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) explained that the closure was necessary due to a large amount of rubber particles on the runway surface.

“The runway will remain closed until June 7,” the CAA announced, clarifying that flights would be redirected to alternative runways during this period.