PTI Central Secretariat Sealed in Islamabad

PTI Central

ISLAMABAD: Late Thursday night, the Capital Development Authority (CDA), with support from Islamabad Police, sealed the Central Secretariat of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

The CDA’s Building Control Directorate sealed House No 1-A, Street 32 of Sector G-8/4, where the PTI Central Secretariat was located. The building was sealed due to non-conforming use and the illegal construction of an additional floor.

According to CDA sources, the building’s owner had received notices on November 19, 2020, February 22, 2021, and June 14, 2022. A show cause notice was also issued on September 4, 2023. An operation was carried out to clear illegally occupied land adjacent to the secretariat, involving heavy machinery to demolish and remove containers placed by PTI.

During the operation, PTI called on its workers to gather at the secretariat. Islamabad police arrested dozens of PTI leaders and activists, including the Islamabad Chapter party president, Amir Masood Mughal, during the operation.

Police reported that PTI activists resisted the CDA operation, engaging in scuffles with the police at the site. A police spokesman confirmed that those arrested were taken to Aabpara Police Station.

Meanwhile, PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar Khan claimed they had not received any orders from the CDA. Speaking to the media outside the office, PTI Secretary-General Omar Ayub condemned the late-night action, stating that the party would address the CDA’s actions in the assembly.

“The PTI condemns the CDA action in the strongest terms,” Ayub said, likening the operation to the situation in Gaza, where many lives have been lost and hunger used as a weapon. He criticized the city administration for launching the operation at night without prior notice.