Punjab Assembly Introduces Controversial Defamation Bill Amidst Opposition Uproar

Punjab Assembly

In a move that has sparked intense debate, the Punjab Assembly has introduced the Defamation Bill 2024, aimed at curbing the spread of fake news across various media platforms. The bill, presented by Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman, seeks to establish special tribunals to expedite defamation cases and provide compensation to affected individuals.

However, the bill has faced fierce opposition from journalistic organizations and the opposition in the Punjab Assembly, who argue that it poses a significant threat to press freedom and free speech. Despite requests to delay the bill, the government has pushed forward, citing the urgency of addressing fake news.

Journalists Unite Against the Bill

Journalists from various organizations have come together to protest the bill, calling it a “draconian measure” to control the media. Arshad Ansari, President of the Lahore Press Club, has vowed to lead a nationwide protest against the bill, saying, “We will not be silenced by restrictive laws.”

Opposition Uproar in Punjab Assembly

The Punjab Assembly session was marked by intense opposition protest, with members displaying placards and raising slogans against the bill. Opposition leader Malik Ahmad Khan Bhachar led the charge, asserting that the bill infringes on freedom of speech and journalistic integrity.

Short News:

  • Punjab Assembly introduces Defamation Bill 2024 to curb fake news
  • Journalists and opposition protest the bill, citing threats to press freedom and free speech
  • Government pushes forward with the bill, despite requests to delay
  • Journalists vow to lead a nationwide protest against the bill