Saudi Arabia’s Arrival Marks a Historic Day for Pakistan Football, Says PFF Chairman

Pakistan Football

The chairman of the PFF Normalisation Committee, Mr. Haroon Malik, shared his enthusiasm on Wednesday regarding the arrival of Roberto Mancini’s Saudi Arabia team in Islamabad for the FIFA World Cup qualifier match, Round 2.

“Today is a significant day for Pakistan football. It is an honor to host a team like Saudi Arabia, and for the first time, they will play in Pakistan for a FIFA World Cup qualifier game,” said the PFF Chairman. Malik emphasized that this marks the first time a team with previous World Cup qualifications will visit Pakistan, signifying a major achievement for the country.

“This will be the first time Jinnah Stadium hosts a night match under floodlights. I want to thank all the football fans of Pakistan who keep the game alive in this country through their passion. They are the reason we aim to deliver such experiences,” he added.

Malik urged football fans to come to the stadium to support the national team. For those unable to attend in person, he stressed the importance of tuning in to watch the match on television, as it will be broadcast live.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have only met twice before in history. Their first encounter was in May 1978, where Pakistan lost 6-0, and their most recent match was in November last year, during the FIFA World Cup qualifiers, where the Shaheens were defeated 4-0 by the Green Falcons.

The FIFA World Cup qualifier match Round 2 will take place at Jinnah Stadium at 8:30 pm PST.