Virat Kohli Excited About Prospective Visit to Pakistan

Virat Kohli

Renowned Pakistani mountaineer and Instagram influencer, Shehroze Kashif, disclosed that Indian cricket icon Virat Kohli expressed keen interest in visiting Pakistan during a 2022 video call.

Shehroze shared that an Indian admirer contacted him in Nepal, praising his endeavors. During their conversation, the fan mentioned his ties to the Indian cricket team. Intrigued, Shehroze expressed his wish to converse with Virat Kohli someday, prompting the fan to arrange a video call with the legendary cricketer.

Reflecting on the interaction, Shehroze recounted, “In 2022, while in Nepal, a stranger, originally from India, commended my work. He mentioned his connections to the cricket team, so I jokingly expressed my desire to chat with Virat Kohli.”

“To my astonishment, he contacted Kohli on my behalf, leading to a video call opportunity. As a Pakistani, I proudly recognize Kohli as the greatest batsman of our time,” Shehroze concluded.

Virat Kohli’s role in the upcoming T20 World Cup is pivotal, and his consistent batting prowess will be crucial for India to amass significant totals. With an impressive performance in this year’s IPL, Kohli has amassed 661 runs in 13 innings, boasting an average of 66.10, showcasing his enduring excellence at the age of 35.