Two Children Pass Away After Consuming Instant Noodles in Lahore


A heartbreaking incident unfolded in the Manawan area on Wednesday when two siblings, Maryam and Rafay, tragically lost their lives shortly after consuming instant noodles. The occurrence has sparked grave concerns regarding food safety and the potential presence of harmful substances in edibles.

As per a police official, the mother of the children had purchased two packets of instant noodles from a store in Baghbanpura bazaar. Upon returning home, she prepared the noodles for her children. However, soon after consuming the meal, both Maryam and Rafay’s health rapidly deteriorated.

Despite being rushed to a nearby hospital and receiving medical attention, the children were pronounced dead upon arrival. Initial investigations suggest that the noodles might have been contaminated or toxic, leading to the fatal outcome.

In response to the tragedy, a police team has been dispatched to the Baghbanpura bazaar to probe the shop from where the noodles were bought. Authorities aim to identify and confiscate the specific product batch to prevent any further harm. “It seems that the food item purchased from the market was tainted or poisonous, resulting in the demise of the children,” stated the police official.

When asked about the potential broader risk, the police official mentioned that there have been no other complaints from citizens regarding adverse reactions to noodles from the same company in the city. This indicates that the incident might be isolated, although authorities are keeping all possibilities open until a comprehensive investigation is concluded.

Despite the tragic nature of the incident, the grieving parents have shown reluctance to file a formal complaint. The reasons for their hesitation remain unclear, but the police are providing assistance and continuing their investigation to ensure the safety of the public.