National Assembly Speaker Prohibits Unauthorized Entry of YouTubers into Parliament

National Assembly Speaker

National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has prohibited YouTubers and unauthorized individuals from entering Parliament House, as reported by ARY News, citing insider sources.

The report stated that the Speaker has suspended eight security personnel for allowing unauthorized individuals to enter. These personnel were assigned to the inner gates of Parliament House. The Sergeant-at-Arms has been tasked with investigating the suspended staff who permitted entry without checking identity cards, according to sources. It was revealed that these unauthorized individuals had stopped members and ministers inside Parliament to request photographs.

The incident surfaced when Defense Minister Khawaja Asif raised a complaint to the Speaker. He underscored the necessity for strict security measures within the National Assembly (NA) building and its surrounding areas.

Addressing the National Assembly, Asif highlighted the recurrent presence of unidentified individuals at the building’s entrances, hallways, and elevators, which he deemed significant security threats. Asif recommended reinstating the previous pass issuance system for Members of the National Assembly (MNAs) to bolster security within Parliament. He also voiced concerns about individuals in the gallery who frequently chant slogans, disrupting the House’s decorum. He emphasized that the National Assembly should not be a venue for protests or demonstrations.