PTA Receives Over 16,000 Complaints Against Telcos in April 2024


In April 2024, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) received 16,318 complaints from telecom consumers against various telecom operators and cellular providers. Remarkably, 16,148 of these complaints (99 percent) were resolved.

Official data revealed that the complaints were directed at a range of telecom operators, including cellular mobile operators (CMOs), Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), long-distance international (LDI) operators, wireless local loop (WLL) operators, and internet service providers (ISPs).

Given that cellular mobile subscribers form the majority of the telecom user base, they also represent the largest segment of complaints. By the end of April, the total number of complaints against CMOs reached 15,883, with 15,737 of these (99.1 percent) successfully addressed.

According to PTA data:

  • Jazz received 5,553 complaints, of which 5,513 (99.3 percent) were resolved.
  • Telenor had 2,705 complaints, with 2,674 (98.9 percent) resolved.
  • Zong faced 5,702 complaints, with 5,658 (99.2 percent) addressed.
  • Ufone received 1,910 complaints, with 1,879 (98.4 percent) resolved.

Additionally, the PTA received 126 complaints against basic telephony services, addressing 124 of them during April, achieving a resolution rate of 98.4 percent. Moreover, 294 complaints were lodged against ISPs, with 272 (92.5 percent) resolved.

This data underscores the PTA’s efficiency in handling consumer grievances and ensuring high resolution rates across different segments of the telecom industry.