CDA Launches Solarization Project to Cut Monthly Electricity Costs by Rs. 250 Million

CDA Launches Solarization Project to Cut Monthly Electricity Costs by Rs. 250 Million

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has announced a major initiative to reduce electricity bills by transitioning to solar power for its buildings, street lights, tube wells, and water pumps.

This decision is part of the CDA’s broader effort to promote sustainability and cost-efficiency. The CDA Board has approved a feasibility study for the solarization project, which is projected to save the agency Rs. 250 million monthly.

The project will be implemented in three phases: first converting tube wells and water pumps to solar power, followed by street lights, and finally transitioning CDA buildings.

The project aims to install solar panels on tube wells and waterworks across the capital to generate 4.5 megawatts of electricity. This solar system is expected to operate the waterworks and tube wells for the next 25 years, with the installation cost of Rs. 80 million being recouped within the first four years.

Member Engineering Khalid Hafeez presented the solarization project summary to the CDA Board. After thorough deliberation and considering various inputs, the board emphasized the necessity of a comprehensive feasibility study. This study will evaluate site characteristics, detailed system design, technical and financial assessments, regulatory compliance, integration with existing infrastructure, and monitoring and maintenance protocols to ensure optimal outcomes.

The board has decided to conduct this feasibility study in line with the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) rules of 2004. The study will finalize the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power installation schemes, ensuring that all technical and regulatory requirements are met for a successful transition to solar power.