Government Implements Essential Services Act in PIA for 6 Months


The government has activated the Pakistan Essential Services (Maintenance) Act, 1952 for a duration of six months, granting Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) the power to take disciplinary action against employees who defy lawful orders.

This act has been intermittently implemented in PIA in the past for specific periods. The enforcement, directed by the Ministry of Interior on Wednesday, will remain effective for six months. A notification issued regarding the enforcement stated that its purpose is to ensure uninterrupted airline operations.

The act applies to all employees who disobey lawful orders during their employment or attempt to influence others to do the same. It also covers scenarios such as employee abandonment without reasonable excuse, unauthorized absence from work, refusal to work, or leaving designated areas without proper authorization.

Under this act, employees found guilty of an offense may face imprisonment for up to one year and may be subject to fines. The government’s action underscores the significance of maintaining essential services and operational continuity within PIA.