Imad Wasim Confident in Pakistan’s Prospects Ahead of England Series and T20 World Cup


Pakistan’s prominent all-rounder, Imad Wasim, has expressed unwavering confidence in the Pakistan cricket team as they gear up for the upcoming T20 World Cup next month.

Acknowledging the team’s recent underwhelming performances against New Zealand and Ireland, Wasim assured that significant improvements are in store.

Addressing reporters in Leeds during a press conference, Wasim stated, “Honestly, if any team enters the World Cup without the desire to win, then there’s no point in competing. We are determined to win the World Cup, and that’s our mindset.”

Wasim stressed that the team has been diligently working to address the shortcomings observed in the last two series, particularly focusing on enhancing consistency and mental fortitude in pressure situations.

“This time around, you’ll witness a transformed Pakistan team. We’ve implemented strategic changes, and our players are more focused and resolute than ever.”

He also praised the positive influence of the new coaching staff, who have brought fresh perspectives and strategies to the team. “Our coaches have been exceptional, pushing us to our limits and ensuring we’re mentally and physically prepared for the challenges ahead.”

Speaking about Gary Kirsten, who recently joined the team in Leeds, Wasim commented, “We had a discussion with Kirsten this morning; he arrived yesterday. He seems to be a good coach, and we’ll work with him to see how things progress. His track record worldwide is impressive.”

The all-rounder expressed confidence in the emerging talents within the squad, hinting at exciting new additions such as Abrar Ahmed, Irfan Khan Niazi, Azam Khan, and Saim Ayub.

Pakistan’s four-match T20 series against England commences tomorrow and is seen as a crucial test ahead of the T20 World Cup set to take place in the USA and the Caribbean.