Low Trade With Kuwait Unfortunate: Privatization Minister

Low Trade With Kuwait

Federal Minister of Investment Board, Privatization, and Communications, Abdul Aleem Khan, has expressed regret over the low volume of trade between Kuwait and Pakistan, emphasizing the need to promote bilateral investment.

Khan stated that all relevant departments should collaborate, as there is significant potential for increasing trade across various sectors between Pakistan and Kuwait.

While presiding over the meeting of the 5th Pak-Kuwait Joint Ministerial Commission, held in Kuwait after six years, the Federal Minister highlighted the upcoming discussions on the establishment of Special Economic Zones in Pakistan. He stressed the importance of practical developments in investment and trade issues, urging all ministries to prepare thoroughly for these meetings at the end of this month.

Khan pointed out that Kuwait can invest in crucial trade sectors such as food security, livestock, telecom, information technology, agriculture, tourism, and petroleum. He underscored the need for tangible results in trade enhancement, insisting that this visit to Kuwait should not be limited to signing Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) and feasibility reports but should yield practical outcomes.

The Minister also urged Kuwait to increase the recruitment of Pakistani manpower, especially doctors and nurses, and to facilitate easier visa and travel processes for the business community and visitors. He directed the concerned departments to involve the private sector in Pak-Kuwait trade to ensure their active participation.

During this high-level meeting, senior officers from the Trade and Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs Division, and other relevant departments provided briefings on the visit to Kuwait. The Ambassador of Pakistan in Kuwait also participated via video link, highlighting the significance of the visit. He noted that this Ministerial Commission could open new avenues for trade, positively impacting Pakistan’s economy.

The Ambassador emphasized that the visit holds great importance, potentially leading to a high-level delegation of Kuwaiti investors visiting Pakistan in the future, thus fostering stronger economic ties between the two nations.