PTI Rejects FIR on Raoof Hasan Attack, Demands Judicial Probe

Rejects FIR on Raoof Hasan Attack

The Federal Capital Police have lodged a first information report (FIR) based on a complaint by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Spokesperson Raoof Hasan. The FIR, filed under sections 324, 109, and 34 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), claims that a thorough investigation has begun to uncover the facts.

When questioned about the delay in registering the FIR, officials involved in the investigation explained that such sensitive cases require a medico-legal report (MLR) before registration. The Medico Legal Officer (MLO) determines the sections of offenses based on the injuries. They emphasized that the police cannot add sections based on directives from the victim or the accused party.

In his complaint, Raoof Hasan stated that the attackers, including some transgender individuals, assaulted him according to a premeditated plan. He claimed that the attackers targeted his aorta (throat) to kill him but ended up cutting his face about five inches above his throat with a sharp weapon. Hasan mentioned that while some attackers appeared to be transgender, others were male.

The police have formed different teams to track down the attackers. Meanwhile, leaders of the transgender community in Rawalpindi and Islamabad denied any involvement in the attack and announced plans to protest against what they called false accusations defaming them.

The PTI leadership rejected the FIR filed against Hasan’s attackers and called for the formation of a judicial commission to investigate the incident. At a press conference with Raoof Hasan, senior party leaders Azam Swati, Shaukat Basra, Khalid Khursheed, and Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Omar Ayub Khan addressed the issue. They stated that Hasan was attacked with intent to murder around 5 PM on Tuesday. “There could have been a major tragedy, but Allah saved us,” remarked one leader.

The PTI leaders questioned the FIR filed by the Islamabad Police, suggesting it was written under pressure and lacked charges of terrorism. Omar Ayub demanded justice for Raoof Hasan and stressed, “I am conveying Imran Khan’s message that if any of our leaders is attacked, we will start a peaceful protest.”

Raoof Hasan recounted the incident, stating that in the last two years, PTI has faced unprecedented atrocities. He described a prior incident where he was followed, punched, and threatened by four individuals. “What happened on Tuesday is also captured on CCTV,” he added, highlighting the severity and premeditated nature of the attack.