Two Private Airlines Avoid Disaster at Islamabad Airport

Airlines Avoid Disaster

Local media reported a narrow escape from disaster involving a private airline departing from Islamabad to Skardu at Islamabad International Airport.

The flight captain informed the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) about a malfunction in the aircraft’s landing gear immediately after takeoff.

The aircraft circled in the air twice before making a safe landing back at Islamabad International Airport. Subsequently, the private airline’s flight PA-251 was canceled.

In a separate incident, technical issues disrupted the schedule of private airline flight ER-807, scheduled to depart from Islamabad to Riyadh at 3:30 pm on Thursday.

Moments before takeoff, the aircraft’s tires suddenly burst, causing concern among the 194 passengers onboard. They were promptly escorted to the lounge while the technical team addressed the issue with the aircraft.