PSX Introduces Text-to-Speech Feature on Its Website


Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has unveiled a new Text-to-Speech feature on its website, specifically designed for the blogs and articles section.

This audio enhancement aims to significantly enhance accessibility and convenience for users browsing specific content on the PSX website.

The Text-to-Speech functionality is particularly valuable for individuals who prefer listening to content rather than reading. Additionally, it serves PSX patrons facing visual impairment, reading difficulties, or those who prefer multitasking and listening to content on the go.

The audio player is integrated into various blogs and articles available on the PSX website, offering a seamless listening experience. This audio feature provides customizable options such as playback speed adjustment and easy navigation.

Farrukh H. Khan, PSX MD & CEO, commented on the launch of the Text-to-Speech facility, stating, “We are pleased to introduce the Text-to-Speech facility, enhancing accessibility for all PSX website users, especially those accessing the blogs & articles section. This service enables seamless content consumption through the embedded audio player. It underscores PSX’s commitment to leveraging technology for the benefit of our valued stakeholders, customers, and website users. Moreover, it reflects our dedication to promoting investor education and awareness, catering to diverse preferences and needs, including visual impairments or reading disabilities. This aligns well with PSX’s responsibility towards adopting and reporting on ESG standards, including diversity & inclusivity components.”

Raeda Latif, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer at PSX, who spearheaded the launch of this facility, added, “Introducing the Text-to-Speech feature on the PSX website is a significant development that enhances PSX’s reputation as a robust and modern Exchange catering to the diverse needs of its customers, stakeholders, investors, and issuers. By enhancing education and awareness activities through a Text-to-Speech feature in its website blogs & articles section, PSX has once again demonstrated its commitment to using technology to facilitate its stakeholders, including website users with varied needs or impairments. This illustrates PSX as a responsible Exchange committed to ESG, including diversity & inclusivity concerns.