Apple Increases Discounts on iPhones in China Due to Competition

Pressure From Rivals Causes Apple to up Discounts on iPhones in China

Apple has reportedly launched a significant discount campaign on its iPhones in China, with markdowns of up to 2,300 yuan (approximately $320) on select models available on its Tmall site ¹. This move comes as Apple faces increased competition from local tech companies like Huawei, which recently debuted its latest smartphone model, the Pura 70 ².

The discounts, which will last until May 28, are larger than those offered in February, when Apple provided discounts of about half the current amount ³. Despite this, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted during an earnings call earlier this month that the company’s iPhone sales in China had grown during the prior quarter .

  • Apple faces intense competition in China from local tech companies like Huawei.
  • Discounts on iPhones are up to 2,300 yuan (approximately $320) on select models.
  • The sale will last until May 28 and is larger than the previous discount offered in February.
  • Apple’s iPhone sales in China grew during the prior quarter despite an 8% decline in sales from the greater China market.
  • The company faces challenges in China, including a ban on iPhone use by employees of state agencies and government-owned companies.