IT Ministry Finalizes Data Protection Bill with $2 Million Fines


The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications is finalizing the Personal Data Protection Bill, aimed at regulating the collection, processing, use, disclosure, and transfer of personal data. The Bill also includes mechanisms to protect data privacy rights and penalties for violations.

The finalized “Personal Data Protection Bill, 2023” proposes fines up to $2 million (or equivalent in Pakistani rupees) for unauthorized processing or disclosure of personal data. The federal government will establish the National Commission for Personal Data Protection (NCPDP) of Pakistan within six months of the Act’s commencement.

The Bill mandates that data collection, processing, storage, and disclosure respect individuals’ rights and dignity. The Ministry is in the final consultation phase for this legislation, which outlines the guidelines for data handling by the government, organizations, and individuals.

The Bill aims to create a fair digital economy, offering legal protections for online transactions and personal data sharing. It aligns with global and regional data protection laws to ensure consistent and effective personal data safeguards.

Rapid technological advancements have digitized many aspects of life, impacting business and personal interactions. The Bill recognizes the specific vulnerabilities of children in the digital world and provides extra protections for their data.

Ensuring online trust is crucial for leveraging digital economy opportunities. The Bill ensures that personal data is collected lawfully, fairly, and with consent, and used only for the purposes for which it was collected or related purposes.