Police to Deploy Advanced Weapons Against Gangsters in Sindh

Advanced Weapons

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Pir Mohammad Shah has announced that the police will acquire sophisticated weapons, including anti-aircraft guns, to combat gangs of dacoits and other criminals in the ongoing operation in the riverine areas of upper Sindh districts.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, the DIG stated that the police have completed preparations for a major operation against gangs in the riverine areas of Sukkur, Khairpur, and Ghotki districts.

Reassuring the residents of these districts, he said, “We are determined to overrun all hideouts and shelters of dacoits and eliminate the gangs.”

The DIG revealed that the police plan to establish more than 100 pickets across the gang-infested riverine belt of Rwanti and other areas such as Raza Goth in Pannu Aqil.

“A very close surveillance is underway to monitor the movement and activities of outlaws,” he said, assuring that no dacoit, extortionist, or their facilitator would be spared. “We will make them an example and teach them such a lesson that even their generations will not forget,” he remarked.

In response to a question, he added that the police are developing a plan to ensure the safety and security of commuters along the Sukkur-Multan section of the motorway.