Roshan Digital Account Inflows Fall to $171 Million in April

Roshan Digital Account

Foreign exchange inflows through the Roshan Digital Accounts (RDAs) amounted to $171 million in April 2024, down from $182 million in the previous month.

According to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), total RDA funds received to date reached $7.831 billion by the end of April 2024. Out of this, $1.587 billion has been repatriated, while $4.925 billion has been utilized locally. The net repatriable liability stood at $1.32 billion.

In April, $11 million were repatriated, and $123 million were utilized locally. The net repatriable liability for April was $38 million.

From September 2020 to April 2024, total net investments made through RDA were $873 million. Of this, NPC Investments (Conventional) accounted for $317 million, and NPC Investments (Islamic) amounted to $523 million. Roshan Equity Investments were recorded at $33 million. Balances in Accounts stood at $418 million, with Other Liabilities at $28 million.

This detailed financial performance highlights the evolving dynamics of the Roshan Digital Accounts and their impact on foreign exchange inflows and local investment.