Two Killed in Gaza Solidarity Protest in Islamabad as Vehicle Runs Over

Two Killed in Gaza Solidarity Protest in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Two protesters were killed and three injured on Monday when a vehicle plowed through a Gaza solidarity rally organized by Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) at Islamabad’s D Chowk.

The rally, led by Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan, was disrupted early in the morning when an unidentified individual drove into the protesters, according to a JI spokesperson.

Police sources reported that the driver was detained, and the vehicle was impounded at Kohsar Police Station.

Senator Mushtaq held the government and Islamabad police responsible for the incident, demanding the arrest of those accountable for the attack on the peaceful sit-in, which had been ongoing for eight days.

The senator also called for the immediate registration of an FIR. “This is not a political sit-in. The purpose is to awaken the government and raise our voice in support of Palestine,” he stated.

The funeral prayer for the deceased JI worker, led by Mushtaq, was held at D Chowk and attended by numerous party workers and supporters.