Price Increase Expected for Upcoming iPhone SE

iPhone SE

Apple’s iPhone SE models are known for offering affordability within the iPhone lineup, but the next iteration, iPhone SE 4, is rumored to come with a slight price hike. According to a reliable source on X, the iPhone SE 4 is anticipated to be priced at $499, compared to the $429 tag of its predecessor.

The iPhone SE 4 is slated for a 2025 launch, with speculations suggesting a potential 10% increase in the US, bringing the price to around $470. In the EU, where taxes are higher, the price could hover closer to $499.

The expected adoption of a more modern iPhone 14-style design and the inclusion of Face ID are cited as possible reasons behind the price adjustment. Despite uncertainties, given the significant gap since the last iPhone SE release, a price bump wouldn’t come as a surprise.

With previous iPhone SE models not making significant market share strides in the US, it remains to be seen if a pricier iteration will fare any differently.

iPhone 16 Software Overhaul Anticipated

The upcoming iPhone 16 lineup, slated for September release, is rumored to bring substantial software changes rather than hardware upgrades. iOS 18 is expected to introduce generative AI features, akin to Samsung’s Galaxy AI introduced with the Galaxy S24 series. Apple’s implementation, possibly incorporating both cloud-based and on-device AI, could rival offerings from Samsung and Google.

Reports suggest a combination of cloud-based AI, potentially provided by OpenAI, and on-device AI for iPhones. How Apple integrates these features remains to be seen, but anticipation is high for a significant software overhaul in the iPhone 16 lineup.