Samsung Galaxy Ring: Leaked Price Shocks Potential Buyers

Samsung Galaxy Ring

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is making waves in the technology world, but potential buyers are in for a surprise when it comes to its price.

According to Yogesh Brar, a reputable source in the tech industry, the Galaxy Ring is priced between $300 and $350 in the USA.

For those in India, the cost translates to around 35,000 rupees. While prices in other countries are yet to be confirmed, a quick exchange rate check can provide an estimate.

Initially, many expected the Galaxy Ring to be a budget-friendly option compared to the Oura Ring. However, with a starting price comparable to the Oura Ring’s $299 and significantly less than the $549 Rose Gold Horizon version, it’s positioned differently.

Surprisingly, it’s even pricier than alternatives like the $269 Evie Ring and the $279 RingConn Smart Ring.

This revelation may not sit well with everyone, especially if rumors about a subscription plan turn out to be true. Similar to the Oura Ring, Samsung may charge around $70 annually or $6 monthly to unlock all the health-tracking features.

While nothing is confirmed yet, there’s speculation about Samsung introducing a subscription model bundled with the Samsung Health app. This could offer personalized health insights and coaching for both the Galaxy Ring and the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7.

While such a move could generate more revenue for Samsung, it might not appeal to all potential buyers.